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Three months from our COVID-19 infection

My partner Kyoko and I were suffering from COVID-19 during 20-JUL-2022 to 30-JUL-2022. I had to wait two months to fix the minor respiratory issues persisted. Kyoko is still suffering from back pain presumably caused by the invocation of VZV due to COVID-19.

While we were lucky enough to make our infection not lethal largely by the public health support, the threat of COVID-19 is still there, and will not be gone. I've taken the 4th vaccination in the end of August 2022, and now ready to get the 5th one, which will happen before the end of year 2022. Kyoko will take another shot soon. We've also taken the flu (influenza) shots too.

The main lesson we've learned is to always prepare for an unexpected attack. We've started to use a food delivery service by a local supermarket. We've bought pulse oximeters and COVID-19 antigen test kits by ourselves. We still keep ourselves masked as much as possible and minimize possible exposure to the virus, whatever the government say or the locals suggest.

We need to be prepared, nevertheless.